Once again, I am blown away by student involvement here at Surrey. There are so many different clubs and societies to join and so many worthwhile events to attend. This year at the Fresher’s Fayre I signed up for both the Yoga Society and the Nutrition Society. For one of the NutScoc’s first events, they invited one of my favourite chefs/nutritionists to speak. Deliciously Ella came to speak about her career and personal life. With this event, smoothies and her new cookbook were given to each member. She took the time to individually meet each guest and sign books, which was above and beyond what I had expected. It was something that I would have never known about unless I had joined this society and something I really would have regretted missing. The yoga society on the other hand, has a more frequent schedule and hosts yoga sessions twice a week on campus for all different levels. This is a great activity to participate in because it is both consistent so it can be easily worked in to your schedule but also a wonderful way to meet students outside of your friendship group who share a common interest. The yoga instructor, Nina, is a knowledgeable and excited teacher – the yoga society was lucky to find her! Even if you are not a member of a society, you can attend individual events as a guest, which is a nice alternative if you are not looking for a big commitment. It also allows you to experience a wide range of hobbies and talents you might not normally be exposed to. I cannot wait to see what events the societies have planned next.img_1094