More than a course, of course

During my time studying veterinary medicine so far, there is the refreshing aspect of having course reps organize different events for your faculty. I have recently attended Ascot Race Courses, which was organized for free for vet students. Students from all years came out to socialize with each other outside of class time. It was a perfect opportunity to do something fun with your friends but also integrate with those you may not normally. There is also an AVS weekend coming up for our course where all the vet schools in the UK come together to play in a sports weekend. If we didn’t have reps within our course organizing these events they would never come together. Every course puts on events that are unique to their faculty and provides a wide range of options including bar crawls, movie and bowling nights, and events at Airhop! Students within different faculties can also start their own initiatives and get the support of their course for things like bake sales. When I was back at school in Canada I found it more difficult to both meet and make close friends within my course because our only interaction would be the in class hours. Surrey has made it extremely easy to get to know not only just my classmates but many vets in the different years which has made my experience all the more well rounded!