Brighton up

I recently went away on a weekend to Brighton to get to know another town in England. It was only an hour away and the train service, unsurprisingly, was very easy. It was a nice change from Guildford and going to a seaside town was a completely different vibe to the majority of English towns I have visited. There were a ton of restaurants to try, with friendly servers and great food. Experiencing the night life somewhere else was also a refreshing change. The majority of the bars and clubs were along the waterfront with many people having bonfires on the beach out in front. All of them had fun music and student offers which is always a bonus. The Brighton Pier was something I hadn’t really experienced before and was like walking into an arcade or fun park from the 80s. There were penny games and fried food with lots of rides and little shops along it. Definitely something worth visiting! The weather was nice enough that we were able to eat outside on patios, which was incredible for November. The town had so many nice shops and neighbourhoods to see and the houses were beautiful to look at. It was a big reminder that I was in Europe. It is easy to get caught up with school life and forget how close other cities are to visit. The trip planning has already begun for the next weekend away!