My accommodation experience thus far

Hello! Today I thought I would blog about my student accommodation experience thus far.

First I wanted to share the link to the accommodation services website in case you were curious as to the different options students have when coming to Surrey.

As for me, I live in a Band C accommodation, this means that I get my own room which includes a sink. I then share the showers, toilets and kitchen with seven other girls. You are able to request to stay in a same-sex flat and was lucky to get a flat with only seven as the numbers can go up to fourteen flatmates.


I have to say that my experience has been really positive in accommodations thus far – I get along with my flatmates really well, there is plenty of storage in my room and the location on the Stag-Hill Campus is really ideal. I am 2 minutes away from all my classes, 20 minutes away from the grocery store and sports park, and 20 minutes away from center town.


I would have to say that I only have two small complaints. First, I live directly behind the Cathedral which rings their bells quite often and for an extended period of time with is charming at first but a bit disruptive when attempting to study. My second would be that the buildings are getting to be a bit old and therefore maintenance is often needed. Having said that, the Cathedral is up on a hill and therefore offers some really beautiful view as shown in the picture above, and as for maintenance, there is a good reporting system put in place which makes getting someone to come check out our little hiccups rather simple.

Another benefit is having access to the common rooms which is a great place to get away if you want to sit on a couch, play some pool and even watch TV. My cousin Gabrielle and I been really enjoying getting out of our rooms and utilizing these common areas. They even put up Christmas decorations which was such a fun touch given we weren’t home to enjoy the Christmas lead-up.


Finally, I’ve been really lucky this year as my room faces the church and therefore there is a bit of woods that I can see through my window as pictured below. This does help in feeling like I am not permanently stuck on campus and I have gotten to befriend some woodland creatures like the pigeons and the squirrels… It’s about getting excited about the small things right?


In all, I am quite happy with my experience in accommodation and feel that I am well supported if something were to go astray which is good. Hopefully this will have helped in your decision to potentially stay in student accommodations.