Textbooks and databases


Today I thought I would share with you my experience purchasing textbooks and accessing databases through the University. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased my first textbooks in the UK at the price I was paying for them. Even taking in the exchange rate I was paying almost half of the price I was paying for Canadian textbooks. Now I realized that I went from the field of sciences to the field of law and therefore there could be a price discrepancy there, however I remember paying over 200 CAD for a biology textbook and 150 CAD for a psychology textbook that I had to update every year!

All this said, I have still had to shell out quite a bit of money given that a lot reading is required in law. So to date I have spent approximately 500 CAD on textbooks including help books for each subject (my first recommendation for any new student is to purchase the Law Express books, they are life savers!). To give you an idea, that includes 7 textbooks, 2 statute books and 3 help books. Furthermore, I have been able to find all the required reading material at the University of Surrey’s bookstore called Appleseeds.

I am also very pleased with my experience with the library and the database access to date. I was able to look through a contract textbooks in the library before deciding to order it online. In all, although the readings are quite exhaustive, at least I have not been exhausted trying to find them.