A Festive Fall Dinner


Although studying abroad has been a wonderful experience, it can get a little bit lonely at times when you are away from family during celebrations at home. However, this also presents an opportunity to get people together and celebrate wherever you are. As we are several North American students in the law program, we thought it would be a fun to host a sort of  Thanksgiving dinner so that we would get the chance to celebrate together. With the help of our program supervisor and some students in the program, we were able to plan a dinner at the March Hare, which is a very nice English pub in town. The pub has a Alice in Wonderland theming and is next to the castle which makes it a wonderful location. Furthermore, the portions were very generous and the food was excellent.

It was so great to see so many of us get together and have a delicious Sunday roast. I was even more pleased to see that a few of our professors took the time to come celebrate with us. The School of Law even offered us a round of wine which was a very generous gesture. It is always great to get to interact with your classmates and professors outside of the academic setting. We talked, we laughed and we ate. It is always fun to dress up and get out once it a while. I had a really great time!