A Canadian surprise on campus


A little something I miss from home is, of course, the maple syrup! You can accordingly imagine my excitement when I foundĀ out through Facebook that there was an event on campus that was offering a free Canadian brunch… with real maple syrup! To no one’s surprise, I signed up immediately.

The event was hosted by a travel agency company called STA Travel that caters to students. They had come to campus to promote some of their Canadian tours and what a better way to promote a tour then with free food on a University campus where hungry students roam freely. Well-done STA!

Their set-up was really cute as they had burlap flooring, communal tables and twinkle lights in a small garden tent. It had a very friendly and homely vibe.

Not only did I visit with two of my classmates, one of which is my Canadian flatmate Sal, but I also came back with my cousin Gabrielle who was just as excited as I was.

It was really great seeing so many students come and participate and enjoy a little bit of Canadian culture. I was also pretty grateful to get to eat some yummy pancakes with nutella, banana and maple syrup… Yum!

Although I am sad to say that this was only a one day event, I am so happy I got word of it before hand and got to get a little taste of home.