Transfer Days: Canada to England

Hello! As I am soon going to complete my tenth trip across to pond to get from home to school, or vice-versa, I thought I would list out all the things I try to do to be as comfortable as possible on the journey over and how I deal with jet lag.

I typically travel with 1 or 2 larger bags that I check-in, a backpack that I stow in the overhead bin, and a larger handbag that I stow beneath the seat in front of me. As Air Canada and Westjet do not typically weigh carry-on bags, I tend to put my textbooks in my backpack. Though heavy, this allows me to put more in my large suitcases. In my hand bag, I will typically have:

  • wallet with passport
  • phone
  • laptop
  • earphones
  • earplugs
  • neck pillow
  • large scarf that I use as a blanket
  • granola bars and other small snacks
  • refillable water bottle
  • small stand (sort of like a pop-socket) for my phone
  • deodorant
  • hand sanitizer
  • if I am leaving Canada to come here then I normally will buy a Tim Hortons bagel and muffin

As you probably know, it can get really cold on planes, the aircraft is full of germs, and you get very dehydrated. I normally will wear a t-shirt with a sweater and a large scarf allowing me to manage my temperature better. Although it is inconvenient to have to use the aircraft toilets, trying to drink as much water as possible is a good idea. I also try to eat a little bit throughout the flight so that I can eat at a reasonable time once I land. In either Country I try to not sleep until a reasonable time and eat at the times I am meant to in that time zone so that I can avoid jet lag. I’ve not had too much trouble with jet lag up until now except sometimes being hungry at odd times.

I typically fly with Westjet as their flights are often cheaper than Air Canada, so I thought I would share with you the differences I’ve experienced flying with the two airlines.

Air Canada:

  • often expensive
  • from Ottawa will often have direct flights
  • meals, snacks, and free wine
  • larger seats
  • TV
  • blanket and pillow
  • arrives and leaves from Heathrow which is harder to get to from Guildford if you don’t want to spend on a taxi


  • often averaging 300CAD$ cheaper than Air Canada
  • tight seats
  • from Ottawa will often have a layover in Toronto, Halifax or St-John’s
  • no food except a small snack and some fizzy drinks
  • no TV but app that has free movies and TV shows
  • no blanket or pillow
  • arrives and leaves from Gatwick which is very convenient as there is a direct train from Guildford


Hopefully this blog can help you be a little more comfortable on your flights to and from England and can maybe even help you choose which airline to fly with.