A Canadian Abroad: Navigating Life at the University Of Surrey

Hi everyone, my name is Basim and I am currently in my final-year at the University of Surrey studying Law with Criminology.

Studying abroad is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities, and for many international students, the University of Surrey has become the canvas for their academic and personal growth. In this blog post, i’ll take a closer look at what it’s like for a Canadian student to call Surrey home and discover the unique aspects that make this university an ideal destination for those seeking an adventure beyond their borders.

Choosing Surrey: As a Canadian student with dreams of global exploration and academic excellence, choosing the University of Surrey felt like the perfect fit. The vibrant campus life and the ability to learn in a state-of-the-art facility, Surrey ranked highly on my list of potential universities. The prospect of studying in the heart of the UK (especially London) while experiencing a diverse and inclusive community was too enticing to resist.

Academic Adventures: Surrey offers a variety of programs, and as a Canadian student, the flexibility to explore different disciplines and tailor my education to my interests was a game-changer. As a Law student, I feel as though the University has excellent lecturers who really care about the students and their learning.

Diverse Campus Vibes: One of the highlights of being a Canadian student at Surrey is the cultural tapestry that weaves through the campus. Surrounded by students from all corners of the world, I’ve found myself in a microcosm of global cultures. The university’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that every student, including Canadians like myself, feels not just accepted but celebrated. I especially feel a sense of home with the Islamic Society, where I have met friends who will cherish for the rest of my life.

Navigating Support Systems: Moving ‘across the pond’ came with its fair share of challenges, but the University of Surrey’s support for international students made the transition smoother. From orientation events that felt like a crash course in British culture to academic guidance tailored to our unique needs, the university takes care of its global community. The support networks provided an invaluable safety net as I navigated the initial hurdles of adjusting to a new country.

Global Opportunities Knocking: Surrey doesn’t just offer a degree; it opens doors to a world of opportunities. The university’s strong ties with industries and businesses globally mean that Canadian students like me have access to internships, research collaborations, and networking prospects that span continents. The global exposure gained during my time here has undoubtedly enriched my academic journey and set the stage for an international career.

Being a Canadian student at the University of Surrey has been nothing short of an adventure. From the thrill of academic exploration to the warmth of a diverse community, Surrey has become a home away from home. As I prepare to don my graduation cap, I’m not just leaving with a degree but with a global perspective that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors. The University of Surrey isn’t just where I studied; it’s where I became a citizen of the world.