Infographic: what’s agreed in Article 50?

Because I know you like them and because it’s good to take stock, here’s a new infographic for you.

This one summarises how much has been agreed so far in the process. You’ll note several points:

  • Nothing is legally locked in yet, and won’t be until the final text is reached, probably in October. However, the Joint Report represents a strong political commitment on both sides, so don’t expect any major changes on that text;
  • The EU has produced more in the way of mandates, but that’s partly because of its decision to do this all in public. The UK will have some similar documents, but not for public circulation. The White Paper covers some of the points, but at such a general level as to not serve as a suitable position paper;
  • The Irish dimension (which I’ve changed from ‘Irish border’ at David Phinnemore’s good suggestion) is in light green, since the Joint Report is much less developed than for the other Phase 1 issues.

As always, comments/corrections to me. PDF version at the bottom with active hyperlinks.

PDF: A50 binding