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Pack it up, pack it in

So I’m moving on from Surrey, after 17 great years. From 1 May I’ll starting up as Professor of Politics & International Studies at the Open University, while still keeping a role as Visiting Research Fellow at our Centre for Britain and Europe, so I’ll not completely disappearing. I’ve reflected on the (rare) experience of […]

Um. Hello? [waves]

I know my IR colleagues like nothing better than a strategic review document, since it gives them hours of enjoyment coding for stuff and generally feeling like there’s some interest in their field. And the arrival of the UK’s much-delayed Integrated Review this week has given me some sense of that, even as it almost […]

Lop the loop

Let’s thank my need to get the car MOT’ed for my chancing upon a very interesting discussion about the OODA loop on the radio. For those not into military tactics, the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop was devised by a US fighter pilot in the Cold War to conceptualise ways of (literally and metaphorically) out-manoeuvring your opponent: essentially […]

Boris Johnson Must Learn Lessons from the Ideological Failure of Cameronism

Guest post by Dr Jack Newman: Research Fellow, Department of Sociology This blog post summarises the argument of a new paper: Newman, J. and Hayton, R. 2021. ‘The ontological failure of David Cameron’s ‘modernisation’ of the Conservative Party’. British Politics. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41293-021-00159-7. When the twin crises of Brexit and COVID eventually begin to subside in the UK, […]

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