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The framing of a second referendum

Away from Salzburg and its repeat performance of ‘how we don’t really understand each other‘, the question that I’m getting asked a lot is whether there can be a second referendum. This is an interesting one, because it’s often asked of me by people who’d like to see the end of Brexit and a return […]

The challenges of transition

Today, I’m speaking at a “UK in a changing Europe” event on transition. You’ll find a nice report there, but here’s a taster of some of my comments:   Transition serves a number of functions. Firstly, it provides a legal underpinning to EU-UK relationship until a new legal document can be brought in to operationalise […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to August

No prizes for guessing what updates there are to share this month, given the UK’s Parliamentary recess and the steely determination of many politicians to have a holiday. Basically speaking, there’s no movement on anything, except the clock, which is another month closer to the 29 March deadline. The issues remain where they were in […]

Sexual exploitation and abuse: why pick on charities?

Members of the Solomon Islands Young Women’s Christian Association march in support of female rights during International Women’s Day in Honiara, 2011. Credit: Flickr/DFAT/Jeremy Miller via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.0. This post first appeared on the Transformation website on 7 August 2018. There is always a line to be drawn between protecting reputation and […]

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