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Another day, another deadline

Today’s a special day, for several reasons. Most importantly, it’s the launch of our new Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in the Centre for Britain and Europe, with many excellent speakers (and me). You can follow the discussion on Twitter on #SurreyBritainEurope and by following our account. But it’s also important as the deadline for […]

Gaps to a new deal

The eerie quiet of negotiators, um, negotiating means we’ve seen very little of the Future Relationship process of late: everyone’s too busy trying to work up texts and compromises to brief outsiders. Which makes it a good time to consider an aspect of the ratification problem that’s not been much seen so far: what happens […]

The Final Furlong: The 2020 US Presidential Election

Authored by Professor Amelia Hadfield, Head of the Department of Politics, University of Surrey and Chris Logie, a Law with International Relations graduate. The following blog was published on 28th October 2020 on https://www.9dashline.com/article/the-final-furlong-the-2020-us-presidential-election. Those who have followed the US Presidential election  – whether minute by minute or with one eye open – would be […]


The following blog appeared on 18 August, 2020, on the Political Studies Association website: https://www.psa.ac.uk/psa/news/2020-election-unlike-2016-should-worry-president-trump With fewer than eighty days to go until the US Presidential election, Convention season approaching and with a settled Democratic ticket it’s a good time to review the state of the US presidential election race. After a breathless first term, President Trump’s current re-election […]

Hong Kong Review

The following blog appeared on 9Dashline on 17th August, 2020, under the title ‘Hong Kong: can it be saved? https://www.9dashline.com/article/hong-kong-can-it-be-saved. Scene-Setting Writing about Hong Kong in 2020 is a real challenge. Either you commit to a retrospective to hit a deadline, or you jump on the political juggernaut, knowing that today’s events render obsolete yesterday’s […]

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