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Boris Johnson Must Learn Lessons from the Ideological Failure of Cameronism

Guest post by Dr Jack Newman: Research Fellow, Department of Sociology This blog post summarises the argument of a new paper: Newman, J. and Hayton, R. 2021. ‘The ontological failure of David Cameron’s ‘modernisation’ of the Conservative Party’. British Politics. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41293-021-00159-7. When the twin crises of Brexit and COVID eventually begin to subside in the UK, […]

Why be such a pain?

Something’s bothering me about Brexit. The main thrust of Johnson’s time in Number 10 has been ‘getting Brexit done’, which I have always taken to mean ‘getting Brexit off the front pages so we can get back to some more interesting/important thing’. This has manifested itself in Johnson’s lack of engagement with the detail (or […]

When it all gets too much

Earlier this week I found myself getting a good corrective. Of late, I’ve been reading a lot of legal text and wondered idly if I was, in fact, becoming some kind of legal scholar. Two hours with the Lords EU Committee and three actual, proper (and amazingly well-informed) fellow witnesses were more than enough to […]

From Human Rights to a Culture of Remembrance: some personal and philosophical reflections on Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.

The personal is political and the political is personal The Holocaust has always been of great personal and professional interest to me. The events surrounding Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 in my community, the University of Surrey, prompted me to write this blogpost, which is based on a speech I gave as part of the Department […]

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