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The most important thing in this general election

There’s a lot to consider in this general election, not least the potential for reaching a decision on this first phase of Brexit, but that’s not the most important thing. The vacating of the centre party by both Labour and Conservatives means that the two parties likely to be in the mix for any government […]

A Brexit election?

This piece was originally posted on Al Jazeera. If you haven’t been paying too much attention to British politics you might be forgiven for thinking it’s all Brexit, all the time. The issue has consumed almost the entire political system and driven every significant political decision in the country for the past few years. So when […]

A short guide to sabotaging the European Union

As we await decisions on extensions and general elections, I thought we might step back and consider the question of how the UK might behave during its remaining time as a member state. In the run-up to the new extension, there was much talk from Leave MPs and activists in Westminster about trying to sabotage […]

Bulgaria and Kristalina Georgieva: 30 years on, the walls continue to fall

Professor Amelia Hadfield and Christian Turner[1] On November 9th, leaders from across Europe and the world, will gather in Berlin, Germany to mark the 30-year anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Like so many defining moments in the 20th century, that day in 1989 was televised across the world, captured in iconic photos […]

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