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The perils of riding two horses

As we move into the new phase of Brexit – ‘long Brexit’ as I find I’m thinking about it – it’s useful to cast an eye back on one of the more obvious difficulties that the UK government faced during 2020: trying to do two things at once. While this shouldn’t be in the same […]

The TCA as an entanglement

The central narrative of the Leave case in the Brexit period as that of ‘taking back control’. By withdrawing from the European Union, the UK would liberate itself from the confines and strictures of What Other People Want, and instead become a free agent on the global stage. While this has been an effective rhetorical […]

Mapping the next period of Brexit

The conclusion of the EU-UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) over Christmas meant that the end of the transition period a few days later saw the start of a new phase of the relationship between the two parties. Since there are many others who are much better placed to analyse the contents of the TCA […]

2021 Geopolitical Trends

Professor Amelia Hadfield: Dean International, Head of Department of Politics, Co-Director of Centre for Britain and Europe Christian Turner: Junior Fellow, Centre for Britain and Europe 2021 will be an uneven year. Key trends include regional economic downturns in most key markets apart from China, as the full impact of Covid’s cost hits, heightened use […]

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