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The illogic of the EU trying to keep the UK from leaving

Foolishly, I always took Groundhog Day to be a work of fiction, rather than an instruction manual. Every morning we wake up to the same debates between the same people, who still haven’t listened to (or, more accurately, haven’t heard) those who point out obstacles in the path: we just have to become better, through force […]

The Tory leadership contest and Brexit (Pt II) UPDATED

After last week’s graphic, I’ve been working to keep things up-to-date. Now, with the first round of voting, we have some more clarity on policy positions, so as well as the revised overall picture we can also provide some detail on the emergent trends. First up, that overview:   PDF version: CON leaders 4 For today, […]

Vaccine or Victory? The 2019 European Parliament Elections and its Impact on Britain and Brexit

May was a month of election highs and lows. The local elections early in the month saw the first of two bruising protest votes meted out to both Conservative and Labour parties, with Lib Dems, Greens, and a few independents triumphing. The European Parliamentary elections saw much the same outcome, but with one key difference: […]

Of Maelstroms, Diaries and Awards Ceremonies: The Hadfield-Surrey Maiden Blog

It’s a bit odd to have one’s maiden blog at a new institution deal with diary dates. But there we are. I joined the Department of Politics at the University of Surrey in January, and it’s been a marvellous maelstrom ever since. So, with apologies, I am overdue a blog or ten, on everything from […]

What role will the UK’s MEPs play in the new European Parliament?

This post was originally written for UCL’s Constitution Unit. In all of the hubbub around the European elections, the small matter of what the 73 individuals elected to serve as the UK’s Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will actually do has been somewhat overlooked. With that in mind, it’s useful to consider what MEPs […]

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