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This is not the European Council you’re looking for

So next Thursday is the crunch day for the Brexit negotiations, apparently. To listen to much of the media and many government ministers, Boris Johnson will roll up to Brussels to bang heads together and get a deal over the line. Unless, of course, he decides not to go at all. To say that the […]

Why the backstop isn’t a “bridge to nowhere”

So now we get the proposal. Yesterday’s release of the letter to the Commission and the explanatory notes was long awaiting, albeit without much holding of breath. Number 10’s approach has long been this: to raise the fears of a no-deal outcome, then to rush in with a last-minute offer (a ‘fair and reasonable’ one, […]

20 Years after Kosovo

A recent  conference at the University of Surrey, hosted jointly by cii – The Centre for International Intervention – and the BISA IR2P Working Group, “20 years after Kosovo: the prospects for and limits of, international intervention”, considered the lessons learned from the NATO intervention in Kosovo in 1999 and its aftermath, in the context […]

Making sense of it all

Yesterday, the European Parliament had one of its regular discussions about Brexit, following the meeting between Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker in Luxembourg. As before, the Parliament passed a resolution to the effect that a deal was desirable, a no-deal was very bad, and citizens’ rights must be protected in every case. Rather than discuss […]

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