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Article 50 infographics – updated to March

So, here we are, a day shy of the original two-year period of Article 50 and hardly much sense of how this all ends. I’ve updated the graphics as normal, although I see that next month will be a real pain in the neck with squeezing in more months (#FirstWorldProblems). For all that’s happened, not […]

AI @ Surrey workshop

Surrey is an excellent place to study and research central issues relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the technologies that utilise it. As an ethicist and political philosopher with an interest in AI, I was privileged to contribute to this year’s workshop on Law and AI hosted by the School of Law at Surrey, a […]

The Millwallisation of May’s Brexit strategy

For younger readers, Millwall FC garnered much public interest in the 1980s for their forthright style of football and their supporters, whose chant of “nobody likes us, but we don’t care” resounded around stadiums (and punch-ups). Yes, things have moved on, but still the label has hung around. Theresa May hasn’t yet got into any […]

Theresa May’s leadership style has made Brexit all the more difficult

This piece was originally published by Globe and Mail. Last week, Theresa May attended an event for International Women’s Day. Nothing surprising in that: one of the world’s few women leaders, speaking on an important topic to an audience of the Westminster great and good, including many MPs. What was surprising was she didn’t do. Presented […]

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