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Turkey’s accession to the EU: A response to Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack

In Episode 8 of the Politics Pod, Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack is interviewed on the issue of Turkey’s accession to the EU. This interview is available to watch now on YouTube. Inspired by his expert analysis and in the School’s spirit of open discussion and the complementarity of ideas in a research community, it prompted our PhD student Anne Bostanci to […]

Italy’s turbulent week: current trends and future prospects

Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack joined some of our colleagues (Dr. Cristiano Bee, Dr. Roberta Guerrina and Dr. Luca Mavelli) in conversation about the latest developments in Italian Politics over the last few weeks. Clearly, these are very interesting and worrying times for Italy and Italians. It is therefore important for scholars of European politics to consider […]

Two down, how many more to go…?

As we wave (slowly) goodbye to both Papandreou and Berlusconi, it’s worth reflecting that neither departure solves the current eurozone crisis in of itself.  Instead, it merely removes some barriers (both real and imagined) to salvaging something from the whole sorry episode. There was an interesting programme on the radio this week, about how we […]

Greece seals deal on new coalition under EU pressure

Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos, Lecturer in European Politics, comments: “The Greek political system has a poor record of coalition/cooperation governments: in fact any contemporary attempts have failed in producing a stable government scheme. However, this coalition is starting on the right foot: all sources seem to converge on the name of Loukas Papademos (former VP of […]

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