New Year New Changes

Erasmus group photo in front of Saint Mark’s Basilica

One semester ends and another begins


Although not taking part in courses or classes at the University of Milan in which I work, I have come to make friends with a lot of people who do take these courses and have had some brilliant experiences with them. The ESN students (Erasmus student network) from the University, put on various events throughout the year in which you can sign up to participate. They range from nights out to day trips and even discounted meals at good restaurants. By going to these events I met the regular students who attended them and became close friends with a good group over my first months here.

Unfortunately a lot of Erasmus students only stay for one semester, and this means the vast majority of them left a few weeks ago. You might find this is the case if/when you are on your placement year and this can leave you feeling a bit uneasy.

It’s like I have travelled back in time to September, when I didn’t know anyone and had to make the effort to meet new people. It is a lot of work, but if you try to look on the bright side you’ll soon realise that it just means you get to talk to new people from places you’ve never been and have always wanted to go. You may also even go places none of you have ever been, together, as new friends. I went to Venice last weekend with some new students and it was beautiful.


The future hasn’t happened yet, so you can change your plans for it


It’s always scary thinking about the future, and the concept itself seems a bit funny, I mean it hasn’t happened yet and who knows what lies ahead? That is precisely why you can change your thoughts and decisions about it.

I always thought after University I’d have to get a job quickly and get stuck into working life straight away. But speaking to people from all over the world, I have realized that’s not the only route to go down. I am now thinking about volunteering overseas when I graduate, which I think will allow me to develop skills such as resourcefulness, independence and cultural awareness in a worthwhile way. Before I do this, there are some useful resources on Prospects, University of Brighton and VSOInternational’s websites that I will take a look at.


Change means exciting new beginnings


I guess my message of this blog is; change can be scary. Whether you’re in a different country making a massive change or in the same country making a small one, accepting the change and using it to your advantage is always the best way to make the most of your situation. So as much as I’ll miss my old friends, and as much as I wanted to get a job straight after finishing my studies, I’m excited to meet new people and adapt my ideas of what I want to do when University ends.


Venice in the afternoon