Moving on to my second placement

Moving from the hospital to a private clinic

I have officially wrapped up working in the AHEPA university hospital and for the last three months of my placement relocated to a private clinic in the centre of Thessaloniki. Hippocrates -Euromedica diagnostic centre focuses on nuclear medicine and specialises in organ scintigrams, nuclear cardiology, hormonology, tumour markers and lympho-scintigrams.

My work in the private clinic is quite similar to the one in the hospital I was previously working at. I am currently part of the team that oversees patient scintigrams and patient care. In contrast to the hospital the average number of patients seen on a daily basis is extremely high due to the fact that there are four g-camera machines available. These machines capture images of the targeted organs.

Wearing the clinic uniform has immediately made me feel part of the team.

White coat syndrome

During my time working in the hospital and clinic I have come across a vast number of patients that seem to get extremely anxious when having exams conducted. They develop an increased heart rate accompanied by an increased blood pressure, the minute they arrive at the hospital or clinic. But when they leave all these symptoms seem to disappear and they feel normal again.

This condition actually has a name and is called white coat syndrome as it has been noticed that these people feel distressed and anxious when in the presence of doctors, nurses and generally a hospital environment.

Tips for balancing working, studying and social life

Life when having a full time job can be exhausting. Trying to keep up with my studying whilst working and also trying to have a fun social life at times can become stressful. I am currently working a 5-day-a-week job in the clinic whilst simultaneously studying for my postgraduate medical entrance exams.

My main tip for keeping up with everything is correct time management. Having an organised schedule and study plan whilst also making sure you leave time for hobbies and unwinding with friends is of vital importance. Don’t forget to work hard but also allow yourself to have fun.

My friends and I, along with my dog, after a hike on a warm Sunday in a village called Velvento. A fun way to rewind, relax and enjoy the Greek sun.

One of the pools of water we came across when hiking. The warm weather made it even easier for my dog to jump straight in.

All in all, although it was tough having to say goodbye to all my colleagues in the AHEPA hospital, I am so excited to be getting an inside view into private healthcare in my country. I have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from so many new doctors, nurses, technologists and other placement students. I have been accepted into the clinic with a warm welcome from everyone and I am so excited for what is to follow. Let the new chapter commence!