The Final Stretch of my Placement Year

With just over two months left at the GSMA, I believe it’s fair to say I’m on the final stage of my placement year. It’s remarkable how quickly it goes. I used to think it was just older people who would say you’ll be shocked at how fast life goes, but they’re definitely not wrong! It has continued to be an amazing year, with so many experiences and skills gained.

Enhancing your skillset

One of the best tips I’d give to all you guys preparing for their placements would be to try and get involved in as many things as possible. Not only does this expose you to different areas of the company but it also enhances your skillset. Being part of a large and diverse team has been a real positive as it has allowed me to learn more about people’s backgrounds and different areas. Within my team we have individuals specialising in marketing, technology and programme. In my downtime, I am freely able and comfortable to speak to my colleagues who will often offer me advice on future aspirations, e.g. the pros and cons of various professional accreditations.

Collaborating with other departments

On top of this I’ve been able to actively work alongside different teams, enriching me with a much broader prowess. Over the last few months, I’ve been working with our Marketing team in the implementation of a new online document portal. The tool works within WordPress meaning I am now much more proficient user of the content management system!

Recently I have also been assigned to a task force team which looks at supply chain security in the 5G era. I previously don’t have any experience in this area but I have been brought up to speed on a lot of the technical jargon. My role is mainly within a project/programme capacity meaning I need to ensure things are running efficiently, however I get the chance to not only learn more about the security world but also liaise with security leads from the likes of Orange, Vodafone, BT & Deutsche Telekom. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone as you never know where it might take you!

Away Days

Over the next couple of weeks, I am fortunate enough that I will be attending two overnight away days. The first one will be with my immediate team (Future Networks), whilst the other one will be with a much larger group (Programme Services). Both situated in deluxe venues in Hertfordshire and Surrey respectfully, the main aim of these away days is to learn more upcoming projects for the new financial year. On top of this, there is a strong emphasis on teamwork and relationship building as it provides the chance to speak with colleagues who you don’t often work with. Something to look forward to!

Fanhams Hall in Ware (Hertfordshire), home of the Future Networks away day.

Nutfield Priory in Redhill (Surrey), home of the Programme Services away day