The pros and cons of working in central London – my year working in Soho

I have spent the last 10 Months travelling into Soho for my placement at Cartoon Network. This area of London is a busy hub of restaurants, bars and theatres and centre of the independent film and video industry.

The shopping opportunities

As I work very close to Carnaby Street and Oxford Street, I am always tempted to spend my money. I am a big shopper so I always have to be careful not to spend my salary when walking home. Although, being around all these shops is very convenient when I have to run errands and pick up necessities as you can find almost anything you need in London.

The diverse eating opportunities

There are many other benefits of working in central London, such as the fact there are so many food places around. In fact, my team have made an excel spreadsheet listing all of the amazing food places we have tried and are yet to try together during our lunch hour. Visiting these great restaurants is a good way to bond with your team outside of the office environment.

Making the most of the freebies

Additionally, I had not realised how many giveaways Soho does. I have gotten several free meals just from keeping updated with Soho’s social media accounts. Other smaller freebies include coffees and shampoos.



A free team breakfast from Kingly Court, Carnaby Street

A free team breakfast from Kingly Court, Carnaby Street

The commute

The downside of working in the middle of London is the commute. You will never get used to rush hour!

Everyone is in a hurry. There is a lot of pushing and shoving that goes on as a lot of people try and fit into a tiny space. Any chance to miss rush hour, I take it! For example, during the summer, from May-September we have what is known as Summer Fridays. This is where employees have the option to leave work at 3pm on Fridays. I take this opportunity to avoid rush hour.

However, despite rush hour, crowds and the temptation of shopping, London is a really great place to work.