FreedomFit February Update 2022

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Hello, I’m Sofia, one of the PTY Enterprise Pathway students, and the founder of the nutrition and fitness company, FreedomFit. I am aiming to build a community where I bring together registered nutritionists and personal trainers, with the goal of helping young adults build a healthy relationship with both food and exercise and become better educated in nutrition and fitness. It’s fair to say February has flown by! But it has also been an exciting month for the business.

Online coaching

As I mentioned in my January vlog, I finally opened up the online coaching side of the business, where I get to help people reach their fitness goals in a non-restrictive and non-obsessive way. I also aim to give them a better understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing, rather than simply being told what to do.

At the end of last month I had just had my first consultation with my first potential client. This month I have had the opportunity to work one on one with my first two clients and provide them with a tailored exercise plan to suit their needs as well as supporting them along the way. I have also recently had a consultation with a potential third client.

It’s definitely exciting to start to see this part of the business come to life! I recently had a video call check in with one of my clients and she is doing amazingly well. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone making positive changes in their life where they’re feeling the benefits of it, and knowing that you’ve been a part of that journey!


As for educational nutrition and fitness workshops, the program for the first set of workshops has been finalised and all the desired learning outcomes of each workshop have been determined. I have now started to actually put together the slides for the first few workshops. I want them to be as much of an interactive discussion as possible, so I am trying to create them in a way that gets the audience involved as much as possible.

It’s fair to say that the workshop creation is definitely the part of the business that is going to take the most time and effort, especially with me being a perfectionist. But I know it will be so rewarding in the end when they eventually launch. I am hoping that definitely by the end of the next couple of months, the workshops will be up and running!

I also had a meeting with Vincenzo, who is the entrepreneur in residence for Surrey Student Enterprise, and we have started to discuss the potential pricing strategy for the workshops. It is great to have this kind of support in place which is why I am very grateful to have this opportunity to open a business as part of the PTY Enterprise Pathway.

Nutritionist Search

From last month’s vlog, you will know that I am currently looking for a registered nutritionist who I can partner with to run the nutrition consultation side of the business whilst I complete my degree. However, it’s fair to say that trying to find the right person to do this is proving to be quite a challenge. I have found a few potential candidates, however, I am still waiting to hear back from them. So for now I will continue the search and hopefully by this time next month I will have found someone!