Race equality at Surrey

Sharing staff, student and alumni perspectives and understanding of racism, and their process of learning and unlearning in moving towards an anti-racist society

Holi aayi re (Here comes Holi) by Sumeetra Ramakrishnan

There is no better visual magnum opus than Holi (29th March) to showcase India in all its colours and emotions. Hindu festivals are social events, grand affairs bringing families and communities together with food, colour, light and love. Holi is one such occasion that is very much anticipated by young and old alike. The event […]

Caught between two cultures, my experience.

By Sadia Ahmed As an ethnic minority, being born and raised in England presents some challenges. I don’t fully understand the British culture (although Doctor Who on Christmas day, yes please), not for a lack of trying but it’s hard when your parents can’t explain things to you as they don’t understand either because they […]

Representation in the media – why it matters

In a year that made organisations reflect on race and inequality there has been a concerted effort to increase the visibility of black and minority groups of people across the media. The continued increase in the range of people seen on screen and in print has been nothing short of incredible. You don’t have to […]

Nina Kristofferson’s Billie Holiday Story

Nina Kristofferson’s Billie Holiday Story Billie Holiday, the Queen of Jazz didn’t just leap onto the jazz scene she was born out of it when she embarrassingly tried to dance her way into a gig and luckily was given a chance to sing.  With vocals bellowing out, soulful, heartfelt tunes that haunt, captivate, spellbind you […]