Race equality at Surrey

Sharing staff, student and alumni perspectives and understanding of racism, and their process of learning and unlearning in moving towards an anti-racist society

In the footsteps of my ancestor

Harry Boucher shares the story of his pioneering relative Several years ago, whilst on holiday to Edinburgh, I visited Buccleuch Place, a row of grand Georgian apartments in the centre of the city which now comprise part of the campus of Edinburgh University. I walked up and down the road several times before finding what […]

Breaking New Ground in Barbados by Kaya Holder,IT

2020 was projected to be a significant year for the independent nation of Barbados, the coral island I’m lucky to call my second home. The culmination of several new initiatives is set to change its trajectory entirely. This article will explore the key reasons why, plus the importance to me personally. Firstly, to generate “a […]

Keeping up the Black Lives Matter momentum

It is weeks since George Floyd’s killing, and people are still talking about the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is the most sustained period of dialogue about racism and particularly about anti-Blackness that I have known in my lifetime.  I have heard it described on numerous occasions as an ‘awakening’ of many (White) people to […]

Speaking out against racism

The events in the US last week have been deeply disturbing for many of us and George Floyd’s killing is the devastating waste of another Black life at the hands of the US police.  But as has been raised countless times on social media, racism, and in particular such treatment of Black people, is not […]

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