One World Week!


Hey guys!

How is everyone doing? Finals are around the corner, just later than the ones in SG uni 🙂

Last week was really hectic with One World Week happening – there was always something going on every day!

one world week

This is my second and last time participating in the One World Week (OWW)! So what is this OWW all about?

It is an annual event that gives everyone from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to come together to learn the different cultures, global justice as well as to take action!

As we have a diverse community with many nationalities in Surrey, the various societies participate by having exhibitions and performances to celebrate and educate on their traditions, heritage and culture! If you’re someone who would like to meet people from across the world, this is a good time to do so! (It is also one of the biggest event over at Surrey!)

The usual ritual would be having the One World Exhibition to kick off the week. However, this year, they started off with a coffee culture workshop! Didn’t managed to attend that workshop due to a clash in my schedule.. life of a final year is really busy! The One World Exhibition comprises of many different stalls from different nations where many would dress in their ethnic costumes, have traditional cuisines, get to play with exotic animals as well as learning the traditional games and dances. Being a typical foodie, such an opportunity is not to be missed! 🙂

The next highlight that should never be missed is the One World Gala, which happens at the end of the week! It is a series of performance put up by the different societies to showcase their countries! Each year, Surrey would also live-stream across the globe 🙂

Click HERE if you would like to watch it!

Here are some of the pictures taken that night 🙂

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These are just some of the many pictures taken from the Gala! Do check out the link above to view their entire performance!

Next up would be the “Flirt!” event over at Rubix (a club in the Uni)! It is a really unique event unlike other “Flirt!” event as Rubix would be having music from different continents of the world! There were different languages of songs played throughout the entire night! Definitely something worth going for even if you don’t like the idea of clubbing.

This is definitely one of the many events that I would miss when i leave Surrey.. the really diversified culture where everyone respects, appreciates and learn from one another. This is also one of the reasons why I chose to study abroad instead of staying in Singapore. Will be “graduating” unofficially in 28 days time – where I would have my first and last examination as well as my last assignment submitted on 31 May! 🙂


Till next time;