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My life and experience as an international student at Surrey

Navigating Registration and Move-In: A Guide for New Students at the University of Surrey

Welcome, future Surrey students! As you prepare to embark on your exciting journey at the University of Surrey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the registration and move-in process to ensure a smooth transition into university life. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect: 1. Key Collection for Halls of Residence: For students living […]

Guildford’s Essential Stores for Students

Hello once again! In today’s blog, I will be sharing a little more about stores in Guildford which you can get essentials from. As you settle into life in Guildford, one of the first things on your to-do list is stocking up on essential items to make your room feel like home. Luckily, Guildford is […]

Navigating Guildford’s Supermarkets

Hey everyone! As a Singaporean student preparing to embark on your journey at the University of Surrey, one of the key aspects to settle into your new life abroad is getting acquainted with the local supermarkets. Familiarizing yourself with the grocery shopping scene in Guildford will not just ease your transition, but also ensure you […]

Joining a society

Hey guys, for today’s blog, I will be sharing more about the societies we have in the university. Here, we have a wide array of societies to choose from so there will be a society for everyone. They range from the usual sports and cultural societies to niche groups such as Taylor Swift and Disney […]

Choosing the right accommodation for you

Hey guys! For today’s blog post, I will be sharing more about choosing the most suitable accommodation for you. I will namely be talking about three university accommodations, Stag Hill Court which is the one that I currently reside at, Manor Park and Hazel Farm. You will be asked to rank all your choices by […]


Hey everyone! My name is Effie and I am an international student from Singapore. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics in the University of Surrey and am excited to share with you all my experience here and some tips as well which I hope you will find useful. To help you all […]

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