Surrey meets Singapore

My life and experience as an international student at Surrey

Searching for a place to call home🏡

Hi everyone! It’s nearing the end of 2019 and I can’t believe how quickly this semester has flew by. In view of the upcoming holidays and break before semester 2, it is probably a good time to start thinking about accommodations for the new academic year. Essentially, there are two options available; living university accommodations […]

What is professional training placement? 🤔

Hi there! 😁 It’s currently week 8 and I just thought it will be nice to share my placement experience during this period where students are looking for jobs. Essentially, placements are internships but of a longer duration, typically between 6 to 12 months. They are a great opportunity for students to develop their professional, academic […]

Post-Mid Terms and Frisbee Practice

Hey There! Woah, it is currently week 7! Where has the weeks gone? The past two weeks has been my mid-terms. I had a total of 3 mid-terms, Human Resource Management, Business Finance and Financial Accounting 2. Each mid-term was weighted 30% of the module. 😣 My first paper was on Human Resource Management. It […]

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