Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Reading Week Getaway Part I | Prague

I’m back again with yet another travel related posts! This time another 3 part series. Let’s get started with Part I – Czech Republic …….. Welcome to Prague, a city of hundreds of spires. From walking alongside a rich historical city centre to scaling the steps towards Prague Castle, you will be left in awe. […]

Winter Escapade Part II | Helsinki

Hello everyone! I’m back and sorry for the late posts! Everyone here is mugging for their exams (Yeah.. Exams😪). Hope 2018 has been a lovely start for everyone! Before getting into the post, let me share with you some of my new year resolutions! Travelling – To explore more places in 2018 (This is probably my lifetime […]

Winter Escapade Part I ☃️ | Estonia

Hello everyone! I’m back! Sincere apologies for unable to blog live during my travels as connection there was bad! First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Hope 2017 had been an amazing year for you and your loved ones and 2018 will be an even better one! Welcome to Tallinn, Capital […]

Canterbury ⛪️🎄✨🍷🇬🇧

Hi everyone, For my final Christmas Market post, I’m bringing you all the way to the cathedral city of Canterbury in South-East England! It’ll also be the final one I’ll write while I’m still in the UK because I’m flying home to Singapore and saying goodbye to Guildford for the last time. There will be one […]

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