Navigating Guildford’s Supermarkets

Hey everyone! As a Singaporean student preparing to embark on your journey at the University of Surrey, one of the key aspects to settle into your new life abroad is getting acquainted with the local supermarkets. Familiarizing yourself with the grocery shopping scene in Guildford will not just ease your transition, but also ensure you can find items you are accustomed to from home. So, grab your tote bag and let’s dive into the various supermarkets around the university area and how they compare to those back in Singapore.

1. Tesco Superstore:

Conveniently located just a 20-minute walk from the University of Surrey campus, Tesco Superstore is a go-to destination for students looking for a wide range of groceries. Much like FairPrice in Singapore, Tesco offers a diverse selection of products at reasonable prices. From fresh produce to household essentials and international food items like Oyster sauce, Tesco caters to the needs of diverse shoppers and has everything you need to whip up a taste of home in your halls, making it a popular choice for students. Just try not to get lost in the biscuit aisle – it’s a real maze in there!

Just a quick tip: Be sure to sign up for their free Clubcard membership which will allow you even greater savings!

Image taken from Surrey Live (2020)

2. Sainsbury’s:

Similar to Tesco, Sainsbury’s is another option which is just in High Street. However, this particular one is not a Superstore and as such, is more compact. Nonetheless, it still offers a curated selection of groceries, focusing on convenience and quick access to essentials. It’s perfect for grabbing a few items on the go or for topping up your pantry between larger shopping trips.

3. Waitrose & Partners and Marks & Spencer:

If you’re looking for a premium shopping experience akin to Cold Storage in Singapore, Waitrose & Partners and Marks and Spencer are the places to visit. While it may be slightly pricier compared to other supermarkets, they boast high-quality products, including organic and gourmet options. It’s ideal for indulging in specialty items or treating yourself to a taste of home with imported goods.

4. Lidl:

For budget-conscious shoppers, Lidl offers great value for money with its range of affordable groceries. It is just a short 15-20 minute walk from Stag Hill Court. Similar to Giant in Singapore, Lidl focuses on providing low prices without compromising on quality. While it may not have as extensive a selection as some other supermarkets, it is perfect for stocking up on everyday essentials without breaking the bank.

5. Asian Supermarkets:

While Guildford may not have the same abundance of Asian supermarkets as Singapore, there are still options available for those craving a taste of home. These include Sadia and Chinese Taste which are located near Lidl and in town respectively. They offer a variety of Asian ingredients and snacks, although at slightly higher prices compared to what you might find back in Singapore. Nevertheless, it’s a convenient option for satisfying your cravings for familiar flavors.

6. SimplyFresh:

Lastly, there is also a convenience store called SimplyFresh right on campus, below the University library. It is perfect for any last-minute nit bits and has quite a number of ready meal options for when you are in a rush between classes and just want a simple meal.

In summary, navigating the supermarkets in Guildford as an international student may initially seem daunting, but rest assured, there are plenty of options available to cater to your needs. Whether you’re looking for everyday essentials, specialty items, or a taste of home, the supermarkets near the University of Surrey have you covered. Take some time to explore each store and find the ones that best suit your preferences and budget. Happy shopping!