Joining a society

Hey guys, for today’s blog, I will be sharing more about the societies we have in the university. Here, we have a wide array of societies to choose from so there will be a society for everyone. They range from the usual sports and cultural societies to niche groups such as Taylor Swift and Disney society which I found interesting compared to what is offered in other universities. You can find out more about what other societies they University offer on the Student Union page as shown in the picture below. Of course, if you still feel that none of these societies are what you are looking for, there is an option to create your own society.

During Fresher’s Fair, most of the societies will set up a booth which will be a great opportunity for you to explore and learn more about what they do, so I would definitely recommend you drop by.  There will also be a weekend where taster sessions for various sports societies will take place which will allow you to try out the sport and see if it interests you. For other societies, most of them will have a meet and greet session where they will introduce more about their societies and upcoming events.

For myself, I am in the Singapore and tennis society which has allowed me to meet new people. A little insight into how sports societies run if you get into the BUCS team, it allows you to compete for the university against other universities where there will be home and away matches. This is a great chance to travel to other universities and meet new people too! Additionally, match days will be on Wednesdays which is why most of us do not have classes on that day. This is a really good initiative that I like about universities in the UK as it shows that they allocate time for students to enjoy what they are passionate about apart from just studies.

However, fret not if you are not in the BUCS team as there are various performance groups such as beginners, development team too. Some sports societies even have a “Learn to” sessions where they teach you the sport.

Lastly, I would recommend joining ‘Friends international’ which is a local Christian charity which aims to support international students in building friendships with other students. Throughout the months, they will have a variety of events such as cross-cultural conversation where you will be able to learn more about the British culture whilst sharing about your own as well. Moreover, they hold day trips to other parts of the UK such as Winchester, Hampton court and many more which they have made to be very affordable.

Overall, I hope this blog has given you more insight into the societies in the University and gets you excited about joining one. Feel free to explore the Student union website in the meantime to check out what societies they offer and let me know if you have any questions 😊.