Study Spots on Campus and in Guildford!

Hey future Surrey students, in this blog, I will be sharing more about some study sports where you can focus, feel comfortable, and maybe even enjoy a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re into the hustle and bustle of campus life or prefer the quieter corners of Guildford town, here are some fantastic study spots which I personally go to that I hope you will enjoy too 🙂

On-Campus Study Spots:

The University of Surrey’s library is more than just a place to borrow books. Boasting about 4/5 floors filled with resources, study spaces, and computer labs, this library caters to every study need imaginable. From silent study areas perfect for deep concentration to collaborative spaces where group projects come to life, you’ll find it all here. Plus, during term time, the library stays open 24/7, ensuring you have ample time to prepare and revise at your own pace.

Pro Tip: Book group study rooms in advance during peak times for team projects as they do get booked up pretty fast then.

MySurrey Hive:
Located centrally on campus, MySurrey Hive isn’t just a study spot—it’s a bustling hub of student activity. Here, you’ll find a comfortable environment with plenty of seating options and abundant power outlets to keep your devices charged. It’s an ideal space for both individual study sessions and group meetings. The proximity to other student services makes it convenient for quick breaks or accessing additional support when needed.

P.S This is also where some activities which are organised by the university like board games night and Halloween,, will be held at!

MySurrey Nest:
Just right beside the Hive, MySurrey Nest offers a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere compared to the traditional study areas. With soft seating and a tranquil ambiance, it’s perfect for unwinding with a textbook or diving into your assignments without distractions. It’s a great spot to recharge between classes or during a busy day on campus. What I especially like about this place are the sleeping pods and the swing hanging egg chairs which are reallyyy comfortable!

MySurrey Spark:

Similarly, MySurrey Spark, formerly known as The Dot, is another versatile study space conveniently located near the central campus at the University of Surrey. It offers a blend of individual study areas and collaborative spaces, making it perfect for both focused work and group projects. With modern amenities like ample seating and reliable Wi-Fi, it’s an ideal spot to catch up on assignments or study between classes. Remember to check ahead for study room availability during peak times to ensure you find the perfect spot for your study needs. Whether you’re preparing for exams or working on group projects, MySurrey Spark provides a supportive environment for academic success at Surrey.

Off-Campus Study Spots in Guildford:

Black Sheep Coffee:
For those who enjoy a vibrant and modern atmosphere while studying, Black Sheep Coffee is a must-visit. Known for its bold coffee blends and trendy decor, it’s a popular choice among students looking to fuel their study sessions. Free Wi-Fi and ample seating make it easy to settle in for a productive day of work. Don’t miss out on their signature Black Hoof cold brew—a refreshing companion for long study sessions.

Ole & Steen:
Situated in the heart of Guildford, Ole & Steen offers a charming escape for studying amidst the hustle and bustle of town life. This bakery and café exude Scandinavian charm with its cozy seating and irresistible pastries. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in a treat while focusing on your coursework or preparing for exams. The peaceful ambiance and delightful menu make Ole & Steen a hidden gem for students seeking a quieter study environment.

Costa Coffee at The Friary:
Conveniently located in Guildford’s popular shopping center, Costa Coffee at The Friary provides a bustling yet comfortable setting for studying. Whether you prefer a solo study session or catching up with friends over coffee, this spot offers both comfort and convenience. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and easy access to shops and amenities for quick study breaks or last-minute supplies.

These study spots in and around Guildford offer a variety of environments to suit every student’s study preferences. Whether you thrive in the buzz of campus life or prefer the tranquility of off-campus cafes, each location provides the resources and ambiance needed to excel academically. So, grab your textbooks, find your favorite spot, and dive into your studies at the University of Surrey!