Singapore’s Garden Festival by the Bay! 🌸

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you about my recent visit to one of Singapore’s popular tourist destinations : The Gardens by The Bay!

If you are unfamiliar with it, this is a nature park in Singapore located close to the Marina Reservoir. My aunt was kind enough to get us some tickets for a Garden Festival that was held in one of the indoor, (most importantly, air conditioned) garden conservatories called the flower dome that contained over a hundred species of flower species!

It was so packed, as you can imagine as the place was already teeming with tourists but include a festival and that place slowly became a human traffic jam amongst nature! It was so beautiful inside, with so many flowers of different kinds and colours, it was such a feast for the eyes!

Naturally, we had to take loads of pictures to capture the moment but it was so tough trying to get a shot with the crowd that was following us!

Here are some pictures we took from our trip there 🙂

So that’s me being me, in my happy place cause I love flowers and I love them even more when they’re pink! 😉


And that’s my sister, looking so cute and too cool for a kid her age!


and that’s us three, my aunt, myself and I !


As you can see, there were so many flowers everywhere that we just had to take a picture at every spot we could!










We had such a fun day together and I definitely recommend it to everyone who has not been to the Gardens by the Bay! It’s stunningly beautiful here and plus, you get a view of Singapore’s skyline from inside of the air-conditioned dome as well!

and to my readers who have yet to visit Singapore…. what are you waiting for!

See you in the next post,

Ecclesia x