Care Package from Singapore !

Hey Guys!

So it’s been two weeks since the exam season has started but my exams are officially starting this last week, to be exact tomorrow! I am so ready to get them done and just focus on my dissertation! But this week, I received a lovely surprise from one of my friends in Singapore! He actually sent me a package, filled with all these lovely asian goodies!

I guess it’s cause we were speaking about the famous Korean Spicy noodles that come in the dry form, but the company actually developed a soupy version of this spicy ramen which I was so keen on trying and could not find here! Now I finally get to try it and I’ll update you guys on how it compares! Have you guys tried the other snacks from the pic like the Jin ramen and the chocopie ? They look really really good! I’ll definitely have to share them with my friends though as it’s too much ramen for one girl to handle!


Besides studying and reading flashcards over and over again, I’ve also stuck to my fitness regime and been ensuring that I’m feeding myself the right nutrients especially, during this intensified studying period.


This is some all natural peanut butter with bananas, my personal favourite and favourite pre-workout snack!

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This is some quinoa with chicken breast and mushrooms, spiced up with some cajun seasoning for the spice! Mmmm.

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This was my lunch today, I still have quinoa leftover and I decided to put a Korean twist on it by adding some kimchi and bulgogi sauce and topping it off with gochugaru chilli flakes! So delish!

Those are just some pics of what I’ve been cooking!! Tastes as good as it looks 🙂 After living indepedently as a student, I feel like Buzzfeed cooking videos, Tasty Food videos…. it really brings out the inner-chef in you and you’ll be tempted into experimenting that you’ll leave university with all these cooking skills !! So University is definitely the time to be experimenting! 🙂

Next week is going to be reading week and I am looking forward to it but…. also slightly freaking out because I just booked my Wisdom tooth appointment for that week ! D: and I’ve heard so much about the pain and anaesthesia that comes with it… wish me luck !

I guess the only plus side is that in Guildford, there’s a dental centre near the University making it so convenient for us students to seek dental help when we need! It’s called the Guildford Dental Centre. One of the doctors is actually from Singapore and we actually had a nice chat!

Best part of being a Surrey Uni Student, You get student discount off your treatment as well! Bonus! 🙂

Also, this weekend is going to be Chinese New Year… Who’s excited! My mum back home actually started baking some pineapple tarts which I am so excited to have when I am back home in about two weeks! I’ll be going to London this weekend and will definitely capture some pics of the festivities for you guys in Chinatown!

Until then, Have a good week everyone! 🙂