Lobster Rolls in London!

Hey Guys!

So, apparently… Lobsters and Burgers are now a thing. And they are definitely all that is hyped about amongst Asians, especially those who travel all the way to London for studies or holiday. This famous restaurant, “Burger and Lobster” is definitely on everyone’s to-do list.

And apparently my friends at Surrey had all been to Burger and Lobster in their first year they got to University but I never reallly caught onto the hype until recently. My friend and I went to London to these two restaurants!

First place: Burger and Lobster

This is the official restaurant that everyone heads to and there are three spots in London – the main one that I went to was in SOHO area. right in the Chinatown of London and Leicester Square Station, located next to the M&M’S World!

This restaurant offered you the choice to order Burgers and Lobsters… duh. if the name didn’t give it away already! haha But the menu was so diverse! You had options to order a whole lobster, a burger with a beef patty topped with lobster meat ! My suggestion is to go with friends so you guys can order different stuff and try a bit of everything! But I highly reccommend the lobster roll, instead of the burger just because the roll is everything. If you’ve had it, you know exactly what I am talking about. The buttery cripsy roll with a fluffy inside topped with generous amounts of lobster meat…. mmm. To die for.


This lobster roll was actually called “The Singapore Chill Roll” Kinda gave me the Chilli crab vibes !

The second place we went to (on a different day of course!) was Smack, also another Lobster restaurant but this was slightly more affordable. Note the italicized Slightly.. The food was amazing here as well! Less crowd, actually no crowd when we went on a weekday at lunch time!

This place did serve something else that Burger and Lobster didn’t which was the Lobster Bisque, aka. Lobster Soup kinda… It was really yummy and delicious especially satisfying with the crazy weather that England’s been facing the past weeks!


Anyways, Hope you guys check this place out when you do come around to London and have the chance to go!