Undergraduates’ Graduation Week 🎓🎉

Hi everyone,

It’s the week of undergraduate graduations here in Surrey and I decided to pop by to a couple of the receptions to congratulate some of my undergraduate friends, most of them, I’ve met from church. I love graduation days because it’s usually filled with plenty of joy and for many, a relief that it’s all over. I like to tell undergraduates that it’s actually more for their parents than it is for them because it’s a proud day for them to see their child finally graduate. I’ve seen my fair share of high school graduations after a good number of my students have moved on from secondary school and it is quite different. At graduation ceremonies for Bachelor students, it often is the end of formal education and the joy on the parents’ face when they see their children finally crossing the finish line is indeed special.

I decided to just take random photos (with my phone) of the days to capture the atmosphere. Thank God for the good weather since Wednesday after the rain on Tuesday threatened to spoil the week. Everyone’s really appreciated the slightly cloudy skies and the fair weather that was without rain or a blazing heatwave (that would have been terrible for everyone in their robes)

Here are just a few photos from across the few days:

The Piazza where the Austin Pierce and Surrey Business School buildings are is a popular place for people to take photos. People love to pose with Alan Turing too!

The other popular spot is by the lake where the sphere/globe is.

The Stag statue is always popular too regardless of the time of the year.

They’ve also begun to set up PATS field in preparation for Graduation Ball that’s happening later tonight. I’m sure they’ll all have a wonderful time tonight celebrating on campus for the last time.

This is what the PATS field marquee looks like at the end of the day when everything has gone quiet. Took this while heading back home from the Business School where I’ve been “camping” working on my dissertation most days.

This was the reception earlier today after the 1st ceremony for the day with everyone gradually coming out to get their photos taken as a class.

The musical duo who’s been entertaining everyone since Tuesday (I think). They are good, alright! Love it that they’re singing my favourite oldies like Fly Me to Moon and even a jazzed version of September.

Here’s a gif of some of the undergraduates doing what everyone considers to be customary: throwing their mortarboards in the air! 🎓



Oh yes, and your other Singapore ambassador, Ecclesia, was among the graduates earlier this week. So if you do know her, do send her your regards.

As I’ve said earlier, graduation is always a good time. Brings me back to the time of my own graduation from SMU:

And with my sisters:

The next step after graduation is often work, but I like to tell people to not rush into because it’s important to find something that you really like doing before you get into it. Because I delayed on my ceremony by a full year, I’d already been working back then and while most of the graduants that day were celebrating, I was already thinking of my lesson plans for the next day (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Work brings up a different sort of challenge as compared to studies and it’s very real when you’re in it.

Speaking of work, it’s time for me to get back to my dissertation research, which means heading to the Surrey Business School again. Since I’ve been at the Business School a lot, I’m going to feature a photo tour of the school in my next post so if you’re a prospective Business student, the next one is especially for you. Until then, have a wonderful weekend ahead! God bless you! 🌈