Reading Week Getaway Part II | Bratislava

Hello! Hope everyone had a great week! Before I get to my post about Bratislava, let me share with you a recent event I experienced!

I am currently a volunteer photographer/videographer at Cherry Trees and was tasked to film and produce a recruiting campaign – Be A Cherry Champion. Cherry Trees is a non-profit organisation that focuses on children disability home and care and their staffs are extremely welcoming and friendly. While filming and editing the videos, I had a short reflection about how a simple action can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. “Simplicity equals contentment”.

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Alright! Let’s get to today’s post!

Welcome to Bratislava, a medieval wonder in Europe. Every traveller will be intrigued by its “contrast of ages”. From a baroque Old Town centre to a modernised “UFO” like building across the Danube River, Bratislava is definitely worth a day’s visit!

(Signpost shot of to-go places in Bratislava) 

So what is there to do in Bratislava?

1. Visit The Hrad Castle and have an “Insta-Worthy” shot

2. Take a stroll in Old Town

3. Wait for one of the most beautiful sunsets at the top of Hrad Castle

4. Take a Trip out to Devin’s Castle

5. Have some really sick photos taken in Devin’s Castle (But Hey, don’t risk your life)

6. Wait for night and walk across the bridge and have a Night Shot of the Danube River with the Castle as the background

Where to Eat?

1. Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant
(Click here)
Námestie SNP 8, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

2. Slovak Pub
(Click here)
Obchodná 613/62, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

3. Funki Punki Pancakes
(Click here)
Klariská 327/12, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

These places were highly recommended and I did try and its really good! Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant serves one of the most filling local delicacies. Do give their dumplings a try! Funki Punki Pancakes, on the other hand, could be a dessert stop for you! Or maybe breakfast!

All in all, that’s everything I managed to experience in Bratislava! There’s much more to do here! Here are some of the links that could assist you with your travels!

Link 1 (Here)
Link 2 (Here)

My stop at Bratislava was a short getaway as we only had 1 full day to explore. I definitely would recommend a road trip around Slovakia as there’s much more picturesque sights out of town. That’s it from me today! Hope this blog was insightful and a quick guide on what to do in Slovakia!

Stay tuned for Part III of my reading week adventures!

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