Student Life Edition: My Experience as a Direct-Entry Student

Hello everyone! I just had a relaxing weekend getaway with Nicholas and a couple of friends to the Cotswolds and it was AMAZINGGG 🙌.Today, I will be sharing with you about my experience as a direct-entry student and a bit on the requirement and application process as well. Do bear with me as this might be a wordy blog without pictures, but I hope you will find it informative and useful!!

The requirement and application process for a direct-entry into the second year of studies is as follows:

  1. Hold a relevant diploma to the course of studies that you are applying to
  2. Have studied comparable modules in your diploma to the chosen degree (you can access the degree module outline at
  3. Achieve a minimum of CGPA 3.1
  4. Indicate the year of entry as second year while applying through UCAS
  5. After your application has been processed by the university, you will be asked to provide a copy of your poly’s academic transcript
  6. Wait for the university’s offer letter where they will confirm your year of entry
  7. Done!😊

For me, I was slightly concerned at first that my Diploma in Culinary and Catering Management was too specialized for a direct-entry into the International Hospitality Management program. After a meet up with a representative from the university’s International Student Recruitment department, I was assured that it was possible due to the similar modules covered in my diploma and the first year of studies of the degree. Overall, it was a smooth and hassle-free application process for me!

Now a bit more about my experience here as direct-entry student. My biggest concern when coming to Surrey was the selection of modules as a second-year student. For my course, students are to select optional modules for their studies in years 2 and 3. Being the kia-su Singaporean that I am (nothing to be ashamed of😂), I was worried that I would not be able to get the modules that I was aiming for as some of them have a maximum module capacity, and most of the current students would have already applied the year before. I was only allowed to select the modules during Freshers’ Week and was super anxious that I would be thrown to do a module that I had no interest in. However, much to my relief, I was allocated to all the modules I chose. Fret not even if you did not get a particular module you wanted to do as at the start of every semester, students are given a chance to change their modules, subject to the class capacity of course but it is always worth a shot!

My next concern was the forming of groups when it came to projects. I thought that the current students would already have been familiar with each other and formed their own group of friends. I felt that it would be difficult to integrate into the cohort and people may not be willing to take a complete stranger into their group. I was also slightly weary of others as there is always a chance of us having conflicting working styles and attitudes. However, much to my surprise, everyone was very welcoming and accepting and everything turned out well in the end!

All in all, my advice to any direct-entry student would be to keep an open mind and be friendly! Always take the opportunity to introduce yourself to others and you will be amazed at the friendships you will build in your time here. If you have any queries regarding the requirements and application for direct-entry, do email International Student Recruitment for guidance. Or, you can always drop me an email at and I will do my best to answer any of your questions!

That’s all I have for now and do stay tuned for Nicholas’ post about our weekend road trip to Cotswolds!!