Second Year Begins!😊

Hey there!

It’s the start of the new academic year and my second year! Haven’t been blogging over the summer (oops :S). But, I’m back in Surrey now and back on track!

Dwayne and I flew back the weekend before the start of the term, which meant our first weekend was absolutely hectic! We’ve spent the whole weekend moving into our respective new homes. But, we got it done and got ready to tackle our modules!

The weather is a lot colder and wetter than it was last year! ☔ But that just means…. IT IS SWEATER WEATHER!!

A week after arriving in the UK, I went to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!! I have been dying to see this since it came out in 2016!

I had bought my tickets back in May and have been anxiously waiting over the summer vacation for this! My verdict? WELL, it was absolutely amazing! 12/10 Absolutely amazing!!! Every minute of it kept me at the edge of my seat, in compete awe!! The story to the performances to the magic, it was nothing short but magical!

Not too long ago, the Surrey Singapore Society had our annual meet and greet! It was good to be able to meet the new Singaporean students as well as welcome back familiar faces!! We spent a lovely evening playing games and sipping bubble tea! The night was filled with joy and laughter and new friendships forged. 🙂

With all the fun and games over, it is time to get back to my studies. It is currently the fourth week of my second year, my classes have been going well and adjusting back to the UK has been going really well. Being a second year with a placement year coming up, I have been starting to apply to companies for my placement year starting summer 2020! Having to juggle applying for companies and school work has been quite challenging but definitely manageable!

Going forward, I will be posting more updates with my second year experiences! Stay tuned for that!😁 Before I sign off, let me leave a photo I took of a gorgeous sunset just a week ago!

Until the next!