Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Post Exam Happenings…

Since my exams have ended on the 31st May, the month of June must have been pretty exciting with so many things to do, as you can imagine with the freedom I was just granted but… not exactly…. haha –  cause we all know that the only thing worst that exams in finishing ahead all […]

One World Week!

  Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Finals are around the corner, just later than the ones in SG uni 🙂 Last week was really hectic with One World Week happening – there was always something going on every day! This is my second and last time participating in the One World Week (OWW)! So what […]

Vancouver Island and Stanley Park

Hello everyone! 🙂 The trip down to Vancouver Island from Vancouver terminal via a ferry is approximately 2 hours long! During the trip to the island, I was really lucky to have sighted 3 Killer Whales! Apparently, the tour guide told me that it was actually very lucky to be able to see them during this time […]


Another reason why I chose to visit Canada during the Spring vacation instead of Summer was because I was considering moving over after graduation. As you guys may know/noticed, almost everywhere is getting increasingly difficult to obtain a working visa.. There’s no harm trying though! 🙂 So I took a plane to Vancouver and took […]

Oooh Lala, Paris.

Hey Lovelies, Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some of my trip when I travelled to Paris in France. It was a 5 hour drive from where I lived in Switzerland so it wasn’t too exhausting but my whole family was definitely excited to get there as soon as we could! When […]

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