Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Oooh Lala, Paris.

Hey Lovelies, Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some of my trip when I travelled to Paris in France. It was a 5 hour drive from where I lived in Switzerland so it wasn’t too exhausting but my whole family was definitely excited to get there as soon as we could! When […]

A Taste of Switzerland !

Bonjour Everyone 🙂 I hope everyone is having an amazing Easter break or just having an amazing week. Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys a glimpse of the beauty of Switzerland that I was lucky enough to witness. So, if you haven’t read my very first blog post, I have actually lived […]

Canada to US

Hello guys! How is everyone doing lately? The weather has been changing (Winter to Spring), but there’s more sun now! For this Easter, I am off to visit my aunt and family in Canada!   It snowed today (EVEN IN SPRING!), which makes me feel really blessed that Surrey isn’t that crazy 🙂 It’s really […]

Spring Break, Easter and Finally Sunshine!

Hey Guys! I hope everyone’s doing well! It has been so stressful the past two weeks before Easter break. I feel like all I’ve been up to was submission after submission, filling up coursework submission forms consistently and just refreshing my email to check up on any placement emails! Simultaneously, I was trying to juggle […]

Spring Break!

Hello lovelies! Spring/Easter break is HERE!! It is a vacation that is approximately 3 weeks long! (akin to our June/December holidays)  This is one of the benefits of studying in the UK, you get to enjoy a lot more holidays as compared to SG. In UK, we have Winter break in December till January, Easter […]

Korean Day

Hello everyone! It has been really hectic lately and it is especially so for Final Year students! The workload is pretty similar to studying in Polytechnic in your Final Year, but without FYP/ dissertation! (That’s just for my course, not applicable to all courses though!) If you’re thinking that studying abroad is “easier”, then you’re […]

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