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Launching EEAS at Surrey Sociology: Embedding Employability via Assessments in Sociology

By Ranjana Das and Emily Setty Surrey Sociology is delighted to announce that Ranjana Das and Emily Setty have won funding from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to undertake a multi-disciplinary, staff-student collaboration – EEAS – Embedding Employability via Assessments in Sociology. EEAS is a project proposing to conduct a rapid set of […]

COVID19 Research at Surrey Sociology – From Institutional Responses to Everyday Lives

Compiled by Ranjana Das and Paul Hodkinson, with contributions from Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Rachel Brooks, Amanda Eastell-Bleakley, Nigel Fielding, Nigel Gilbert, Vicki Harman, Sazana Jayadeva, Andrew King, Graham Scambler and Emily Setty As a department engaged in critical research on sociology, criminology and communications, the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey has seen numerous […]

What do parents think about Child Proton Beam Therapy?

By Nadia Haerizadeh-Yazdi, former Postgraduate Researcher Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) is an advanced mode of radiotherapy, compared to conventional radiotherapy, and has been hailed as a milestone in cancer treatment. Proton therapy offers an equivalent chance of cure to conventional photon therapy, but the high precision targeting nature of the technology is thought to reduce […]

The coronavirus pandemic and prison mental health

By Megan Georgiou, Postgraduate Researcher The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges to health and social care systems world-wide. Within the prison estate, the challenges are amplified and tough measures have been brought in to contain the spread of the disease (Kothari et al, 2020). Mental health service delivery in prisons is greatly restricted and […]

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