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Parenting through algorithms

By Ranjana Das How might algorithms shape everyday practices and decisions in parenting? How do parents understand, resist or work within algorithmic systems? My new book contracted with Rowman and Littlefield for 2023 will draw out the nuances of what happens when parents go about their everyday life making decisions in parenting and coping with […]

‘Safer Roads Through Citizen Partnerships: Enhancing Road Safety Through Improved Use of Community Speedwatch (CSW) Volunteers’

By Karen Bullock and Melissa Pepper Karen Bullock and Melissa Pepper have a long history of working independently and together to understand how volunteers and volunteering may be used to reduce crime and improve community safety. We have recently been awarded funding from the Road Safety Trust to conduct research looking at the role of […]

An American Sociologist in London

By Matthew W. Hughey I owe thanks to the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey.  They served as host for my six-month Fulbright Scholar Fellowship from May to November 2022.  Now back home across the pond, I am analyzing the data from a multi-year ethnographic study of majority-White British organizations in the larger […]

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