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Bringing Social Science into the Community: Surrey Sociology and the ESRC Festival of Social Science

By Kate Burningham, Paul Hodkinson and Katherine Hubbard Colleagues in the Department of Sociology recently played a big part in Surrey’s contributions to the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science. The idea of the festival is to bring academic research to new audiences within our communities and enhance the impact of our work. Sociology’s contributions to […]

Beyond age verification: towards a more nuanced understanding of young people’s experiences of pornography

By Emily Setty and Ellen Harris The government has recently announced that it is finally knocking on the head the perhaps well-intentioned but inevitably ill-conceived idea for an age verification system for online pornography. Under the law, porn websites would have had to establish that UK-based visitors to the sites are over the age of […]

Showcasing Mental Health Research at Surrey Sociology: At the Intersections of Sociology, Criminology and Media and Communications

By Ranjana Das As a department which produces research and teaching at the intersections of its three strands – sociology, criminology and media and communications – mental health research has been a theme which has brought together and cut across Surrey Sociology’s interdisciplinarity significantly. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, we take the […]

New Report: Migrant Mothers’ Mental Health Communication in the Perinatal Period

By Ranjana Das With contributions from Daniel Beszlag, Louise Davies, Jasmine Kapoor, Dagmara Kowalska, Nadine Page On 20th September, we launched a new report on migrant mothers’ mental health communication in the perinatal period, at the University of Surrey, bringing together findings from qualitative interview-based research funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Academy. […]

Slipping into simplicity

By Pete Barbrook-Johnson and Alex Penn This blogpost was originally published on CECAN We and our colleagues often talk a good game when it comes to complexity. We want to understand nuance and context, and we know things are messier than we realise. Yet, we still struggle to grapple with complex issues and can feel frustrated […]

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