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No hard feelings: why environmental scholars can’t afford to dismiss children’s views of the good life

by Anastasia Loukianov, joint CES and Sociology PhD student at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). “What can children tell you about the good life? Oh popsicles are great, raisins suck.’’ — conversations like this can make for a good laugh, but exemplify an almost systemic scepticism towards children’s legitimacy in social […]

The mobility of students across Europe – evidence of policy convergence?

By Rachel Brooks Europe represents an important – and yet often overlooked – space for scholars interested in international student mobility. Through efforts to develop a European Higher Education Area, the European Union has pursued a highly managed, top-down strategy of convergence, with the aim of creating a strong higher education region that can compete […]

Consumer engagement in low-carbon home energy in the United Kingdom: Implications for future energy system decentralization

By Thomas Roberts and Aimie Hope Cutting CO2 emissions from buildings is central to the UK government’s overall emissions reductions plans. The Household Energy Management Strategy states that by 2019 all new build properties will be ‘zero carbon’ and all existing buildings by 2030. If this is to be achieved fundamental changes are needed to […]

Paternal mental health and social media: Early fieldwork reflections on disclosure, affective coding and disconnection

By Ranjana Das and Paul Hodkinson International Fathers’ Mental Health Day takes place just after Father’s Day and offers an invaluable opportunity to shine a spotlight on the profound emotional difficulties some fathers can face and to highlight the importance of asking dads how they are. Paternal wellbeing is demonstrably significant for mothers, children, families […]

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