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Going online for maternal mental health? A balanced, context-sensitive approach to placing maternal mental health on the digital health roadmap

By Ranjana Das The context: Gaps in provision and a turn to the digital Put simply, mothers struggling with post-natal mental health difficulties in the UK, find uneven amounts of support. In the UK, a series of gaps in maternal wellbeing support have emerged, owing to the fact that face-to-face support for mothers from the […]

No hard feelings: why environmental scholars can’t afford to dismiss children’s views of the good life

by Anastasia Loukianov, joint CES and Sociology PhD student at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). “What can children tell you about the good life? Oh popsicles are great, raisins suck.’’ — conversations like this can make for a good laugh, but exemplify an almost systemic scepticism towards children’s legitimacy in social […]

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