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Key lessons from the role of the media in the Charlie Gard case

By Ranjana Das As I have noted previously, the social media activity around the Charlie Gard case has been unprecedented. My analysis of Twitter data has revealed American religious, so-called pro-life, right-wing groups have dominated a verbally violent Twitterstorm, and that key strategies of populism have been mobilised across Facebook and Twitter to misunderstand and […]

Queering a conference – what we can learn from the BSA Queer Studies: Looking Back, Looking Forwards event

By Jo Smith On 30th June 2017 the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey hosted a British Sociological Association Early Career Forum Regional Event centred around sexualities studies. Presenting keynotes were Zowie Davy (De Montfort University) and Yiu-Tung Suen (Chinese University of Hong Kong), and short ‘lightening’ papers were given by Sebastian Bartos […]

PhD Symposium – Part 1

By Jo Smith On 18th January 2017 PhD students from the Sociology Department organised a departmental symposium titled ‘PhD Fieldwork: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving my Research.’ Attended by Masters students, PhD students and academic staff, this day provided an opportunity to explore some of the different methodological and ethical issues […]

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