Call for Papers: The Rise of the Far Right in Platform Societies

A Half-Day Conference hosted by the Digital Societies Research Group at the University of Surrey

This is a call for papers for a half day symposium hosted by the Digital Societies Research Group in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey, on “The Rise of the Far Right in Platform Societies” on 25th March 2020, at Guildford, Surrey. 

Opening Plenary:

The event features an opening plenary bringing together experts on online hate speech, extremism in platform societies and the Far Right. Plenary speakers include Shakuntala Banaji of the London School of Economics, Irene Zempi of Nottingham Trent University, Chris Allen of Leicester University.

Call for Papers:

(Deadline 20th November 2019)

In addition we will have the space for a small selection of papers and presentations from colleagues working in the area. To this end we invite  to be submitted by 20th November 2019 on topics relating, but not restricted to –

  • regulating hate speech online
  • platform responsibility
  • Far Right rhetoric and organisational practices online
  • The challenges around content moderation in relation to extremist content,
  • The ways in which Far Right groups use social media to organise their activities offline, amongst other topics.

We are particularly interested in a diversity of methodological and theoretical approaches and are keen to hear about research from across the world. 

Abstract Submission: Please submit your abstracts by the deadline of 20th November 2019 on this link –

Timing and further details

The event is planned to run between 12-6 pm on 25th March 2020, and spaces for external presentations are limited. We hope to inform presenters of review decisions by 30th November 2019 and launch an online programme by 7th December.

Fees and registration deadlines 

Registration fees for the event are £25 and this includes refreshments. We will circulate the link for registrations alongside the online programme from the 7th of December. The deadline to pay the fee and register will be 1st February 2020. 

For any questions please contact Ranjana Das at fff