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Place images, East European migrants & the terms of belonging in a rural English village

By Helen Moore In the weeks and months leading up to the May 2015 general election, numerous public and political commentators expressed unease about the disproportionate amount of press coverage and TV air-time devoted to UKIP and its leader, Nigel Farage, who used the opportunity to bring his inflammatory and well-rehearsed beliefs about the ‘uncontrolled’ […]

“I thought that after two weeks, I would be more or less okay and it’s just not like”: experiences of recovering from serious physical illness or injury

By Sarah Earthy The quote in the title comes from an interview with a middle aged man who had sustained fractures to his leg in a cycling accident: “And they said ‘six weeks in plaster, two weeks of physio’. Now in my stupidity I thought, I really feel stupid saying this, I thought that after […]

Shared parental leave – can it be made normal?

By Paul Hodkinson A year ago, I was beginning four months of what, at the time, was called ‘additional paternity leave’. I am hard pressed to remember a more distinctive, enjoyable or fulfilling period in my recent daily life and, as the spring weather has set in this year, have found myself wishing I could […]

The social nature of online interactions

By Jo Hope (née Belcher) Although use of the Internet in the UK has become widespread (Dutton and Blank, 2013), our attitude toward online interactions and information seeking remains complex. There are utopian and dystopian approaches towards our use of ‘new’ media that have remained remarkably resistant to criticisms. These themes run through research and wider, […]

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