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Reporting back – key findings from Adults’ and Children’s Friendships across social and ethnic difference

By Sarah Neal This two year qualitative project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, which explores the friendships of 8/9 year old children, and their parents,  in  ‘super-diverse’  localities  in  London, England came to the end of its ‘live’ period this summer. While the data collection and analysis phase of the project is […]

The meaning of Jeremy Corbyn

By Charlie Masquelier Following Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential victory, Alain Badiou published a set of reflections aimed at revealing the true meaning of this event (or, as he put it, ‘non-event’) for French society and French politics. This was followed by the publication of a book with a similar intent and written by Richard Seymour, who […]

Social and Spatial Disparities in Emotional Responses to Education

By Rachel Brooks Introduction Historically, educational institutions have had an uneasy relationship with emotions. Following the Enlightenment tradition, schools and universities have often been concerned only with educating the mind, while side-lining the body[1]. Their focus has thus, traditionally, been on reason, rather than emotion. Boler argues that this privileging of the rational over the […]

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