Placements & Global Adventures

Hey there, folks! So, picture this: the buzz of placements is in the air, and here at the University of Surrey, it’s a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and the sweet thrill of possibilities. And for us international students, it’s a whole journey on its own!

Whether you’re considering a placement in the coming years or pondering the value of integrating one into your course, I’m here to shed light on this transformative experience. This guide is tailored to equip you with insights, support, and a roadmap, ensuring you’re well-prepared to navigate the realm of placements.

As we’re knee-deep in placement season! Some of us are riding the waves of applications, while others might already be doing the happy dance because they’ve snagged their spots. Surrey’s got our back, though—the support here is like having your own personal cheer squad, guiding you through every step.

What Exactly is a Placement? A placement, also known as a sandwich course, is that golden opportunity nestled between your second and final year. It’s your chance to dive into the professional world through full-time work, exploring study abroad options, or even doing both!

Why Take the Plunge into Placements? Think about this: gaining practical experience while still rocking your student status and having the university’s unwavering support through a dedicated placement tutor. It’s like test-driving your career dreams and setting the stage for future connections.

Surrey’s Placements Marvels: At Surrey, the horizon is limitless when it comes to placements. Picture students rubbing shoulders with big names like Disney, Warner Bros, Hilton, Nestlé, and more. And guess what? For international students like us, the reduced fees for placements are a game-changer. Lower costs plus valuable experience? Win-win!

The Incredible World of Study Abroad: But hey, there’s another fantastic path—study abroad. I’m diving into this because it’s a chance to continue my course in France or Germany. Learning new languages (or practice them if you’ve enrolled yourself in a languages GGA), soaking in diverse cultures, and expanding my circle—it’s like a whole world in itself.

Tapping into the Turing Scheme: And let’s not forget about the game-changing Turing Scheme! This program opens doors to global experiences beyond European borders. It aims to empower students with financial support to undertake educational and work experiences abroad, covering expenses essential for their immersive journey, including travel, accommodation, and living costs.

Navigating Support Services: The University of Surrey is your haven when it comes to support. Pathfinder serves as your treasure map, unveiling placements galore. And beyond that, RateMyPlacement, TargetJobs, Going Global, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are your portals to a galaxy of opportunities.

Timing Is Key: For international students, timing is everything. Visa extensions take time! Start planning early—even before applying to the university. By the second year, Surrey turns into a placements paradise, advertising opportunities from October onward.

Parting Wisdom: The placement year—a portal to your future. Surrey makes it happen, offering a springboard to your dreams. Got more questions? Shoot an email to for the inside scoop.

P.S. A golden nugget of advice: kickstart your preparation early! Consider polishing your CV in your first year and seeking peer review or guidance from the incredible support network available, such as the amazing folks at “MySurrey Hive.” First-year enthusiasm can be your secret weapon; utilize this time wisely as second-year commitments might swoop in like a whirlwind. So, dive into CV preparations, seek feedback, and refine it until it shines. Trust me, future you will thank present you for this early groundwork. Good luck!

Catch you on the global side!