Walk along River Wey in Guildford

In today’s blog I will share with you the beautiful sites which are very close to campus.

The River Wey in Guildford is a river that flows into the River Thames. Yes, that is right. That massive river which the London eye is next to! This river was one of the first British rivers to be made navigable and was key to Guildford’s commercial growth and outreach. During the 1800s, trade moved away from the river to the railway, and so this navigation system gradually stopped being used for transport of goods.

There is a very nice visitor centre along the river, 5 minutes away from Stag Hill Campus, which tells you the story of the navigations & transport along the River Wey – plus there is a cute “cafeteria” where you can enjoy lovely fruit tea scone while admiring the wildlife and views! Sometimes, there are even art exhibitions occurring in this visitors’ centre! This centre is located in Dapdune Wharf.

During my fourth year at university, I particularly enjoyed going out for a run on a sunny day along the riverside from Guildford to Godalming. This section of the River Wey is about 6 miles long. I really recommend stopping at St Catherine’s Lock – the open air and the view of the calm waters of the river and the nearby forest is extremely peaceful. On a lucky day, you might even see local navigators using the lock. Do stop to politely ask them about how it works if you are curious!

The walk is easy peasy – it is not difficult. Although the walk path can be quite muddy!

Tip: If the potato is too large, and it is taking too long to cook, then use the microwave to cook it. I guarantee you it will cook quickly !

Cross river bridge before St Catherine’s Lock


River Wey as seen from near Guildford town centre