Student Enterprise Awards 2020

On Friday 12th June the University of Surrey Student Enterprise held a fun and fruitful awards ceremony on Zoom to celebrate the hard work of our Surrey student start ups this academic year. There were drum rolls on knees, plenty of applause and the odd tear for good measure!

Our community is vibrant, diverse and buzzing with game-changing ideas and we were excited to be able to offer prizes to support tens of students, grads and their businesses, in particular with the additional help of a £25k covid relief grant from Santander Universities gifted directly to Student Enterprise to keep our Start Up ecosystem thriving.

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Below you can find a full list of winners from the Student Enterprise Awards 2020, congratulations to all!

Blue stage curtains open to show the Student Enterprise logo and the Title "Student Enterprise Awards 2020"

Funded incubator spaces at SETSquared Surrey

Fiona Sweny – Femora (Top Prize winner)

Colin Francis – LabCyle

Foundership awards

Eduard Oboimov – eTEU Technologies

Omar Ebeid – Zeal

Jasmine Arnold – Instant Swim

CJ Nagi – Athletic Meals

Ayman Kampoori – ARKABS

Andrei Epure – Image MedAi

Covid relief cash pots

Jordon Graham – Beardie & Blondie 

Maddy Glenn – Softwood Self Publishing

David Sparrow – Spark Change

Geoffrey Knott – HOP

Tasha Carroll – Ringo’s Dirty Diner

Dush Patel – Multi Stage Life

Zahid Ahmed – Freedome

Amina Ehiobuche-Nagwamma – AmiRoma

Pierre-Marie Semichon – BatonBooks

James Buck – Roome

Entrepreneur of the Year IoD memberships

Andre John

Colin Francis

Natasha Carroll

Jordon Graham

Zahid Ahmed

Emdadul Hoque

Arun Godwin Patel

Geoff Knott

Sebastian Brickell 

Dr Sarah Campbell

Omar Ebeid

Fiona Sweny