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Spotlight Series: Empowering PhD Students to Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Mukunthan Tharmakulasingam 

Welcome to the PhD Accelerator Spotlight Series, where we highlight PhD students who are driving innovation and entrepreneurship by commercialising their research and ideas. Discover their inspiring journeys, ground-breaking projects, and how they bridge academia and start-ups. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and the transformative impact they are making in the world.  I […]

Potential upsides to pursuing a business or startup during and after your PhD

Sometimes from lab coats to business suits, the journey of a PhD candidate often takes unexpected turns. While the pursuit of a doctorate is typically associated with research and academia, an intriguing shift is being observed—a growing number of scholars are exploring the world of business and startups. In this blog post, we unveil two […]

From Research to Reality: A guide for PhD students starting a business at the University of Surrey 

Starting a business based on your PhD research can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It allows you to apply your knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems and make a positive impact. However, it can also be difficult to balance the demands of a PhD and starting a business.  One of the keys to […]

Surrey’s new PhD Accelerator: Embark on an entrepreneurial journey and unleash the potential of your PhD research! 

There is a myth that the professional and career option for PhD students is to either end up as a professor at a university or work at the university’s administration office and/or work as a visiting lecturer at a university. You will be happy to know that the assumption is completely false. At the University […]

Enterprising students sweep fantastic prizes in annual Student Enterprise Awards bonanza

The University of Surrey Student Enterprise has recently announced the winners of their annual Student Enterprise Awards, which celebrates and recognises the exceptional achievements of student entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from all Faculties, levels and disciplines. This vibrant event has become a highlight of the calendar, with students, mentors, staff collaborators from the Student Enterprise community […]

Student Enterprise Founderships Programme 2023

Edit post ** NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS ** We are pleased to announce the return of our annual Founderships programme this year. Once again funded by the University of Surrey’s Student Enterprise, Future Generation and Santander Universities, the programme will give several entrepreneurs £1,000 – 3,000 in funding they need to work full-time on their businesses this summer. […]

Surrey Digital Interns 2023

Surrey Digital Interns summer 2023, open for applications now!   The Surrey Digital Interns Programme is back this summer, providing an excellent opportunity for current students and graduates (2021 onwards) to gain valuable work experience within Student Enterprise Start-Ups and other companies in our ecosystem.   Thanks to generous funding from Santander, the program offers 10 fully-funded […]

Surrey Student Enterprise Showcase Women Entrepreneurs

Building An Entrepreneur: Women’s Edition, was a dynamic collaboration between Student Enterprise and The Guildford School of Acting designed to raise awareness and support for women’s entrepreneurship on campus and beyond with building networks and empowerment at its heart. The annual Student Enterprise showcase, on Thursday 30 March 2023, was on the theme of women’s entrepreneurship. A quirky keynote […]

The UKSAEI Symposium Hackathon 2022

By Riya Peruvelil The UKSAEI Symposium 2022 is part of the UK-Singapore Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This Symposium bought together 19 world-leading universities from the UK and Singapore to promote entrepreneurship and innovation through the collaboration of students from diverse disciplines. Many of us came in with no background knowledge about business but we […]

Students tackle Sustainable Development Goals at University of Surrey’s Hackathon17

On 13th June, 30 students joined together in multidisciplinary teams to tackle the SDGs in a sprint-like workshop over 3 days. With 18 disciplines represented across all three University Faculties, the hackathon event created an arena for a diverse group to work on problems, encouraging collaboration between students from all levels of study, from Foundation […]

HACKATHON17 – Create a product, service or campaign to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals in 3 days!

Back for 2022 on 13th – 15th June ON CAMPUS including BBQ! Students across all levels of study from Foundation Year to PhD can get involved in this SDG hack where interdisciplinary teams will be created to tackle some real-world problems! Collaborate with students from different walks of life and bring your skills, interests and […]

Introducing the Student Enterprise Founderships Programme 2022

** NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS ** We are pleased to announce the return of our annual Founderships programme this year. Funded by the University of Surrey’s Student Enterprise, Future Generation and Santander Universities, the programme will give several entrepreneurs £1,000 – 3,000 in funding they need to work full-time on their businesses this summer. For […]

Surrey Student Enterprise End of Year Awards 2021

On Friday 11th June the University of Surrey Student Enterprise held a virtual awards ceremony to acknowledge the hard work of our Surrey Student start-ups this academic year. Under COVID-safe guidelines, the show was livestreamed from Stag TV studio this year to help elevate the awards. The event proved to be a success, with many virtual […]

New Founderships Programme for 2021

Applications for the Founderships Programme 2021 are now open! We are pleased to announce the return of our annual Founderships programme this year. Funded by the University of Surrey’s Student Enterprise and Santander, the programme will give entrepreneurs £1,000 – 3,000 in funding they need to work full-time on their businesses this summer. As part […]

Surrey Digital Interns Launching for 2021

Are you looking for a paid internship this summer? Interested in gaining experience with a Start-Up or a local SME? The exciting Surrey Digital Interns Programme is back again this year! Launched by Student Enterprise at the University of Surrey last year, the successful Digital Internship Programme offers 10 digital internships with Student Enterprise Start-Ups […]

Building an Entrepreneur 2021 goes digital

Just before the Easter break, Student Enterprise once again hosted its fantastic annual Building an Entrepreneur Event, an exciting showcase of talent, ideas and start-up businesses of Surrey students and graduates. Previously run as a live on campus event, Building an Entrepreneur took on a new exciting digital spin this year! Held online across three […]

Building an Entrepreneur – 24-26 March 2021

Student Enterprise are delighted to announce our annual Building an Entrepreneur Event will be taking place across three lunchtime sessions from the 24-26th March in a new exciting digital format! Building an Entrepreneur is the University of Surrey Student Enterprise’s annual showcase of talent, ideas and start-up businesses. The initiative helps budding entrepreneurs at every […]

3 top tips for PhD students interested in starting a business based on their research 

Unlocking the secrets of the universe, dissecting complex biological systems, or reshaping industries through groundbreaking research—PhD students are the modern-day explorers of knowledge. But what if we told you that your research could be more than just a thesis on paper? What if it could be the cornerstone of a thriving business venture? In this […]

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